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Frequently asked questions

PLEASE NOTE:  Access2Awesome is currently suspended due to the unprecedented closure of organizations and limitations on gatherings associated with COVID-19 response.

All entries made prior to or during this suspension will be valid.

Once a majority of Participating Organizations in the city are once again operating, then a date will be set and announced for the resumption of Access2Awesome. A further three weekly drawings will be made in addition to the final drawing. 

  • When does Access2Awesome begin?
    The first weekly drawing for Access2Awesome will occur on January 21.
  • How many drawings will there be?
    There will be a total of 11 weekly drawings beginning on January 21 and finishing March 31. The Grand Prize will be drawn early in April.
  • Should I enter more than once/Should I enter once by text and once on the website?
    Multiple entries do not increase your chance of winning. Only one entry per email address is accepted. The phone and website use exactly the same entry form, so there is no benefit to completing both.
  • So I can go to ANY Arts+Culture Experience? Do I just receive a pile of tickets?
    Access2Awesome provides access to certain shows, experiences and events by the participating venues. These are all outlined on the page. You will request your passes through the Arts+Culture:San Deigo Concierge for a specific show, event or exhibition.
  • If I am the winner, do I really have to go to everything?"
    The short answer? Yes. If you are the winner and you request tickets for a particular event, then you will be one of the attendees as the tickets are not transferrable and cannot be sold.
  • I won a weekly prize! May I choose it?
    Unfortunately not. As we have multiple weekly drawings, the prizes are allocated when the drawing occurs. Sorry, we are unable to swap prizes.
  • May my Arts and Culture organization participate?
    Yes of course! We welcome any Arts and Culture organization to include tickets for either the weekly drawings or the Grand Prize. Contact us at and let us know you are interested!
  • How are winners notified and what happens if a prize is unclaimed?
    Winners are notified by direct email on Wednesday of each week. Winners will also be listed on on Thursday of each week. If a weekly prize is unclaimed, that prize will be added to a drawing for a future week. If a prize in the last weekly drawing is unclaimed, a subsequent drawing qill be held for any unclaimed prize or prizes.
  • What is the Penny for Arts+Culture?
    In 2012, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to approve a “Penny for the Arts” plan that would allocate 9.52% of the city’s Transient Occupancy Tax to Arts and Culture funding. ​ That was the plan to fund Arts and Culture in San Diego and it is a good plan. ​ Unfortunately, even though this was passed by Council, the Arts and Culture community have been pushing ever since to realize that goal. The Arts+Culture:San Diego coalition members are dedicated to, and focused on, achieving Penny for Arts+Culture.
  • Who runs Arts+Culture:San Diego?
    Arts+Culture:San Diego is a coalition of Arts and Culture organizations. It is facilitated by the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.
  • How may I contact you?
    Simply email
  • I would like to become a member of the Community Advisory Council!
    We would love that too. Visit the Community Advisory Council Page, scroll down and click on the link. We'll let you know if a vacancy occurs in your district.
  • How do I add my event to your calendar.
    At the moment, we are welcoming any events that are Arts+Culture related to be added to the calendar. Simply visit the CALENDAR page and click on the SUBMIT link at the top of the calendar. If the calendar becomes too busy, we may limit it to only participants in the Access2Awesome Drawing. (in that case the SUBMIT button will disappear.)
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