• Theresa Kosen

Art Intersects Many Lives from the Ballet to the Butterfly Project

There are hundreds of examples of how San Diego’s diverse and interconnected arts and culture community inspires, educates, and entertains visitors and San Diegans all year round. There is more happening in your community than you know. Finding these stories of collaboration and sharing them is like being on a never-ending treasure hunt.

The first collaboration was a very unique program presented by New Americans Museums and The Butterfly Project. On January 26th to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day the museum presented Ms. Franny Krasner Lebovitz as the guest speaker of an ongoing speaker series, Voices of Hope: Survivors of the Holocaust Share their Stories.

Ms. Lebovitz survived five concentration camps and became a nurse with the United Nations. At age 95 she published her personal story of loss, resilience and survival. The Butterfly Project, a nonprofit based in San Diego, serves as a call to action – transforming resistance through art and education and empowering people to take action against injustice. Their goal is to partner with others by painting and permanently exhibiting 1.5 million ceramic butterflies around the world in honor of the children who died in the Holocaust. The lecture and Butterfly painting workshop made for a memorable afternoon.

The second collaboration partnered the San Diego Museum of Art with the San Diego Ballet.

Presenting a night of special Art After Hours pop-up performances on January 24th. Dancers performed a program of duets and ensemble pieces inspired by the pastoral romance and mythological legends featured in the Museum’s exhibition “Bouguereau & America”. The 15-minute performance sets took place three times over the evening. Admission to the Museum during Art After Hours is only $5 after 5 pm on Fridays.

This is our cultural ecosystem in action … organizations of various sizes and budgets, supporting each other, sharing resources, nurturing talent and increasing access and economic impact in San Diego.

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