• Theresa Kosen

Arts and Culture Delight Every Age

There are hundreds of examples of how San Diego’s diverse and interconnected arts and culture community inspires, educates, and entertains visitors and San Diegans all year round. There is more happening in your community than you know. Finding these stories of collaboration and sharing them is like being on a never-ending treasure hunt.

Here is one that has positively impacted every district in our city, Kids Free in October.

Throughout the month of October, kids 12 and under receive free admission at more than 40 art, cultural, science and historical museums in San Diego. More than half of the museums are funded through the City’s Commission for Arts & Culture and include the Model Railroad Museum, USS Midway Museum, Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego Natural History Museum and the Maritime Museum. Now in its eighth year this collaboration, presented by the San Diego Museum Council, annually provides free museum access to more than 15,000 children.

The second collaboration is La Jolla Playhouse 2019 Without Walls (WOW) Festival.

Held October 17-20, 2019, this acclaimed biennial four-day explosion of site-based and immersive performances took place through-out the Liberty Station Arts District. Performances included collaborations with Playhouse’s 2019 Resident Theatre Backyard Renaissance which produced Written in Stone a series of five 10-minute, site-specific plays performed within Stone Brewing’s Bistro & Gardens; and ARTS DISTRICT-based San Diego Dance Theater performed Senior Prom.

Plus, the Playhouse commissioned projects from New York, Australia, Mexico, France and Poland. Since its inception in 2011, Without Walls (WOW) has become of one of San Diego’s most popular and acclaimed performance programs. This signature Playhouse initiative is designed to break the barriers of traditional theatre, offering immersive and site-inspired works that venture beyond the physical confines of the Playhouse facilities.

This is our cultural ecosystem in action … organizations of various sizes and budgets, supporting each other, sharing resources, nurturing talent and increasing access and economic impact in San Diego.

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