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Calling on My Commissioner: A Chat with Udoka Nwanna, District 7 Commissioner for Arts and Culture

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Full name: Udoka Nwanna

District: District 7 in San Carlos

Your role in the district: I am a Commissioner for Arts and Culture in District 7

What do you enjoy most about your district? What I like most about my district is that it has a good family vibe; nice and quiet. It is family friendly, there are all ages. Lots of elderly but then you also have the young couples there with kids and it’s just a good place to raise a family; very family friendly.

Can you share a bit about your personal arts and culture interests or background? I used to dance when I was young; I did ballet and modern. I choreographed dance when I was in high school and college. I have a love of classical music and was involved with Orchestra Nova and being an ambassador for them, as well as volunteered with Mainly Mozart. So I have always loved arts and culture! I also teach art with a program called Art Starts. The founder is a fellow District 7 resident and we teach in the schools in San Diego and La Mesa. It’s an after school arts program for K through 4th or 5th grade.

What have you enjoyed most about arts and culture in your district? There isn’t a lot that goes on in my district for arts and culture. We do have 4th of July fireworks show, but I don’t think they had it last year. So there really isn’t a lot that goes on there – I wish there would be more. I think because we have the young families there, the kids could really benefit from it. So I know doing the Art Smarts program is one thing where we are in the schools, giving them the opportunity to be exposed to art, but not much culture.

What are your priorities for arts and culture in your district? I would love to spearhead more programs that brought arts and culture activities to San Carlos and Del Cerro. I think it’s sorely needed out there.

Is there anything you’re excited about or looking forward to regarding arts and culture in your district in the coming year? No, I don’t think our district representative Scott Sherman has anything on his docket or agenda for arts and culture in our district in the coming year, so that’s something I would love to get going just to see what his plans are for bringing more arts and culture to our district.

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