• Theresa Kosen

Collaboration Stories from the Arts & Culture Field: Pop-Up Photo Exhibition by Beto Soto

There are hundreds of examples of how San Diego’s diverse and interconnected arts and culture community inspires, educates, and entertains visitors and San Diegans all year round. There is more happening in your community than you know. Finding these stories of collaboration and sharing them is like being on a never-ending treasure hunt.

Here is one that has impacted City Council Districts 4 and 9:

The Museum of Photographic Arts partnered with The AjA Project to present Undocuqueer: Stories from Bordertown. A series of photo stories capturing the experience of San Diego’s LGBTQ+ DACA recipients. San Diego resident and young photographer, Beto Soto, captured his community’s struggles and triumphs. The series of stories describe the complexity and resilience of being undocumented and part of the LGBTQ+ community.

The pop-up exhibition was on display at the Museum of Photographic Arts from November 28th – December 3rd, 2018 and attracted 1,200 visitors.

This is our cultural ecosystem in action ... organizations of various sizes and budgets, supporting each other, sharing resources, nurturing talent and increasing access and economic impact in San Diego.

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