• Cassie Kaawaloa

Meet Endiya Griffin - District 9

Endiya Griffin is a high school student leader who works to empower underserved youth whilst fulfilling her passion for art, social justice, and education. Endiya believes that arts and culture have the transformative power to change perceptions and break down barriers by meeting viewers where they are. As a student, she also believes that by investing in young lives and minds, we equip ourselves to create the future we want to see.

Endiya supports this belief through advocacy work with local organizations such as the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, The AjA Project, Movement BE, United Nations Youth Advisory Council and KPBS. She has also utilized platforms such as TED and the Big Picture, applying her skill set and learning to share her message of empowerment all while representing San Diego youth on a global platform.

For the last two years Endiya has worked with an arts-based non-profit in the heart of City Heights called The AjA Project. The AjA project is participatory photography organization that partners with organizations in the health, education, and arts to put youth at the heart of driving social justice efforts in their own communities. During her time at the organization Endiya has transitioned from her role as an intern into a program participant, and currently holds a staff position as the Social Media Strategist. Throughout her journey with the organization, she has fallen in love with photography’s ability to amplify the marginalized and unheard as well as the City Heights community itself.

Endiya believes that the City Heights community has a very unique position within the conversation of Arts and Culture because of its beautiful tapestry of so many sounds, flavors and patterns. City Heights lies at the intersection of thousands of stories, each told in a different tongue and informed by a multitude of lived experiences. As a member of the Arts+Culture: San Diego Community Advisory Council and a storyteller, Endiya believes that it is her responsibility to elevate these voices and looks forward to the beautiful melody that results!

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