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Meet Commissioner Jason Whooper

If it’s true that all the world’s a stage, then Jason Whooper believes San Diego deserves to be front and center among the more famous arts and culture cities of the world. As part of an all-star cast of commissioners at the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, Jason is hoping to help shine a spotlight on the creative scene that makes San Diego so unique. Jason says, "There is so much that the local arts and culture scene has to offer that it is usually difficult to keep tabs on all the amazing events that go on everyday." However, Jason is hoping that fellow arts and culture groups will help him and his fellow commissioners focus that spotlight on the variety of talent that exists in our own backyard.

Jason Whooper, City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

Jason deeply believes in the educational value that comes from the talent of individuals within a creative community. This appreciation is the result of a theatre course he was enrolled in early on in his education just before studying business and law. During the course, Jason developed a variety of theatre production skills that had a lasting impression on his understanding of the theatre community. So much so that shortly after he had started his career as an attorney he also decided to rekindle his passion for theatre by becoming a board member at the Mo’olelo Theatre Company in 2012. This position would soon prepare him for his current role as a commissioner on the Commission for Arts and Culture.

Now that Jason is serving on the Commission, he wants to help his fellow commissioners develop a city-wide plan that will help support the San Diego arts and culture scene in the same way other major cities support theirs. Jason says “It’s something that is going to require a lot of planning, organization and communication between everyone in the local creative community”.

On the topic of communication, I asked Jason if he could come up with a one-liner that could be used as a marketing statement to promote San Diego’s creative atmosphere. Showing he’s still a theatre guy at heart who can improvise when put on the spot, he came up with the following tagline, “The best arts and culture city in the world…by the beach!”

Bravo Jason…bravo!

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