• Theresa Kosen

Urban Art Splashes with a Museum

There are hundreds of examples of how San Diego’s diverse and interconnected arts and culture community inspires, educates, and entertains visitors and San Diegans all year round. There is more happening in your community than you know. Finding these stories of collaboration and sharing them is like being on a never-ending treasure hunt.

Finding urban art in the stately setting of a museum is an unexpected surprise. That was the intent of a collaboration between San Diego Museum of Man, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation and Writerz Blok, a nationally recognized urban art program based out of Southeast San Diego that channels youth expression into vibrant graffiti art. Artists from Writerz Blok, along with well-known spray paint artist Chor Boogie, painted murals as part of an on-going series of small-scale community-based installations in the Museum.

This partnership resulted in new art inside the museum and allows people to learn more about graffiti art as a legitimate art form. Now, where there were once white walls in the Museum, you are greeted by bursts of bright colors and shapes, and larger-than-life figures like a scarab beetle that respond to the museum’s Mayan and Egyptian themes.

This is our cultural ecosystem in action… organizations of various sizes and budgets, supporting each other, sharing resources, nurturing talent and increasing access and economic impact in San Diego.

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