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In 2012, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to approve a “Penny for the Arts” plan that would allocate 9.52% of the city’s Transient Occupancy Tax to Arts and Culture funding. 

That was the plan to fund Arts and Culture in San Diego and it is a good plan.

Unfortunately, even though this was passed by Council, the Arts and Culture community have been pushing ever since to realize that goal.

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The City of San Diego delivers this core city Arts and Culture program in a highly diverse, effective and efficient manner by using specialized non-profit partners.

A staggering 160+ partners are based in various hub locations throughout the city and deliver programs at over 959 sites.


Many organizations that have hubs in one City Council district offer programs in facilities throughout the city.

The Arts+Culture:San Diego coalition members are dedicated to, and focused on achieving Penny for Arts+Culture.

Arts+Culture in San Diego

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture maps every Arts+Culture activity that was funded through these core city programs every year.


The image to the right represents the range of activities, events and promotions all throughout the city. Click on the map to look for activities that occurred your area.

Arts+Culture non-profit partners provided activities, programs or events in

  • 292 schools,

  • 32 libraries,

  • 25 parks,

  • 8 recreation centers, and

  • 328 “other” venues

  • 959 unique sites throughout the city

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Arts in SD

ACT NOW! Help Protect Arts+Culture in Our City with just a few clicks!

Act now

Please click on a link below to send a quick note (we've already drafted it for you!) to your Councilmember to express how important a vibrant Arts and Culture community will be for our city to recover.  

Already know your councilmember? Please click their name below. Or you can click on the link at the bottom of this email and we'll work it out with you. 


Council District 1 - Joe LaCava

Council District 2 - Jen Campbell

Council District 3 - Stephen Whitburn

Council District 4 - Monica Montgomery Steppe

Council District 5 - Marni von Wilpert

Council District 6 - Chris Cate

Council District 7 - Raul Campillo

Council District 8 - Vivian Moreno

Council District 9 - Sean Elo-Rivera

Not sure of the name or district for your Councilmember?

Click this link and we will work it out right now - it is REALLY easy!

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