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The City of San Diego delivers this core city Arts and Culture program in a highly diverse, effective and efficient manner by using specialized non-profit partners.

A staggering 170+ partners are based in various hub locations throughout the city and deliver programs at over 959 sites.


Many organizations that have hubs in one City Council district offer programs in facilities throughout the city.

The Arts+Culture:San Diego coalition members are dedicated to, and focused on achieving Penny for Arts+Culture.

Arts+Culture in San Diego

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture maps every Arts+Culture activity that was funded through these core city programs every year.


The image to the right represents the range of activities, events and promotions all throughout the city. Click on the map to look for activities that occurred your area.

Arts+Culture non-profit partners provided activities, programs or events in

  • 292 schools,

  • 32 libraries,

  • 25 parks,

  • 8 recreation centers, and

  • 328 “other” venues

  • 959 unique sites throughout the city

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News and updates
News and Updates

Council District 4 artist, resident and advocate Kim joins Arts+Culture:San Diego as a Community Engagement Representative. 

January 2024

Arts+Culture:San Diego is thrilled to announce that artist and community advocate Kim is joining with the coalition to strengthen the representation of Council District 4.

"I'm excited about representing Arts and Culture for D4 because I was born and raised in the area, I've loved art for my entire life and I want the very best outcomes for my community when it comes to the arts" said Kim. 

Do you have a passion for Arts and Culture in your community? Know someone else who does? Arts+Culture:San Diego wants to hear from you! Email Christine if you want to find out more!

City Council for San Diego's unanimous vote in support of achieving the Penny for Arts and Culture!

December 2023


Just two months ago, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to support a change in an ordinance to work towards achieving fair and long promised funding for Arts and Culture.

Listen to the wonderful comments by Councilmembers, led by Councilmember Campillo and Councilmember Moreno. The following timestamps will allow you to reach specific comments.

  • 0:00 - Introduction by Councilmember Moreno.

  • 3:01 - Reviewing the proposal (staff)

  • 15:57 - Independent Budget Analyst review

  • 20:27 - Christine Martinez - Arts+Culture:San Diego

  • 21:49 - Additional Public Comment 

  • 32:13 - Councilmember Campillo

  • 36:55 - Councilmember Moreno

  • 41:41 - Councilmember Lee

  • 46:37 - Councilmember Von Wilpert

  • 49:01 - Councilmember LaCava

  • 52:58 - Councilmember Whitburn

  • 54:50 - Council President Elo-Rivera and vote

In particular we were thrilled with the support of Council President Elo-Rivera in recognizing the tireless work of the Arts and Culture community advocates. 

There is still lots of work to be done. Help us by joining Arts+Culture:San Diego today.

...when the Arts community shows up in force how reflective of San Diego the room is...
Council President Elo-Rivera
December 2023

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