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Meet Christine Martinez - the new representative for Arts+Culture:San Diego

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The San Diego Arts and Culture community has a new representative as it ramps up advocacy efforts ahead of City budget decisions

The City of San Diego has entered budget season, and funding for arts and culture organizations remains at devastating levels. This comes during a period of time when funding for arts and culture organizations is at a critical tipping point – non-profit organizations are providing important community programming, and local artists and performers were some of the last to return to work through the pandemic. Without a return to pre-pandemic levels of financial support, our region’s vibrant cultural tapestry and economic recovery is in jeopardy.

Arts and Culture San Diego, a collective of more than one hundred of the city's non-profit partner

arts and culture organizations, is working hard to inspire support - and we are introducing a new

voice to represent the broad San Diego arts and culture community.

Christine Martinez is a long-time San Diego resident, mother of two, and an arts enthusiast. She

brings more than a decade of marketing and public relations experience to Arts and Culture San


“The arts have always been an important part of my upbringing in San Diego, but its importance is even more profound after having my children,” says Martinez. “Our museums, parks, theater and music are what bring us together as a community. It is a priority that my children witness and engage with experiences outside their own neighborhood to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a San Diegan.”

Martinez’s role is to connect the importance of our local arts and culture scene with the need for

continued funding, and describe how critical the arts are for the communities across San Diego.

She is available for interview and comment about the importance of Arts and Culture, and how the arts are affected by decision-making during the City’s budget process.

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