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Arts+Culture:San Diego is a coalition of over 100 arts and culture organizations dedicated to strengthening our diverse cultural ecosystem and achieving the Penny for Arts and Culture funding plan in San Diego.

Elections 2020

District 7

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In collaboration with the San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition and the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, Arts+Culture:San Diego is pleased to report the Arts and Culture positions of the candidates for the City of San Diego Council races. 

Here are the responses from candidates for Council District 7 and the video from the Candidate Forum for Council District 7. Click on a different district below for other candidates.


City of San Diego Council District 7
Where they stand on Arts and Culture issues
Council District
Fully fund Penny for Arts and Culture with a max 5 yr phase-in.
"Achieve and Maintain Penny" is always a budget priority
Support Arts& Culture Pandemic Recovery Fund
Action plan for Deferred Maintenance in Balboa Park and other City cultural facilities
Support Cultural Plan and Cultural Affairs Department
Noli Zosa
Raul Campillo
Watch the candidate forums
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Key statements by the candidates

Arts and Culture in San Diego (up to 200 words): 

  • Raul Campillo:

Since the early part of my campaign for city council, art and culture has been part of the discussion for revitalizing San Diego on many fronts. My discussions with Larry Baza informed me about the impediments to growth and the lack of focus by city officials to invest in and expand the reach of artists in San Diego.


This is why I want to create more public spaces where fine art and performance art can be displayed within District 7. Parks, schools, and businesses should have nearby access to the creation and display of art to help local artists and improve community cohesion.

  • Noli Zosa:

Please view video

Working with the commission to ensure that access, equity and diversity remain a priority for all neighborhoods. (up to 100 words)

  • Noli Zosa:

Please view video

  • Raul Campillo:

I would want to help the Commission implement the tools that make diversity, equity, and inclusion possible: setting aside dedicated space, implementing virtual access to the art, freely promoting the artists through the city's media contacts and advertising mechanisms, and securing subsidized transportation to the exhibitions.


I would also encourage partnership with the county and school districts to secure more funding towards these tools.

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