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Arts+Culture:San Diego is a coalition of over 100 arts and culture organizations dedicated to strengthening our diverse cultural ecosystem and achieving the Penny for Arts and Culture funding plan in San Diego.

Elections 2020

District 1

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In collaboration with the San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition and the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, Arts+Culture:San Diego is pleased to report the Arts and Culture positions of the candidates for the City of San Diego Council races. 

Here are the responses from candidates for Council District 1 and the video from the Candidate Forum for Council District 1. Click on a different district below for other candidates.


City of San Diego Council District 1
City of San Diego Council District 1
Where they stand on Arts and Culture issues
Council District
Fully fund Penny for Arts and Culture with a max 5 yr phase-in.
"Achieve and Maintain Penny" is always a budget priority
Support Arts& Culture Pandemic Recovery Fund
Action plan for Deferred Maintenance in Balboa Park and other City cultural facilities
Support Cultural Plan and Cultural Affairs Department
Will Moore
Joe LaCava
Watch the candidate forums
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Key statements by the candidates

Arts and Culture in San Diego (up to 200 words): 

  • Joe LaCava:

​Arts and culture is one of the many things that defines who we are as a city. As a City, we should aspire to greatness; Arts and Culture plays an important part in that pursuit.


My track record over the years includes assisting those bringing arts and culture to San Diego. A few examples: working with the Historical Society to save the La Jolla Post Office and helping implement the Murals of La Jolla program. I was honored to be involved in the early stages of The Conrad.


As a Councilmember, I will advocate for providing resources for nonprofits so they can survive during and thrive after this pandemic. I will ensure we recognize that Balboas Park’s deferred maintenance isn’t a District 3 burden, but a citywide responsibility. I will make sure we deliver the Penny for the Arts that the Council agreed to back in 2012. We must honor our commitments. When City Hall takes credit for a solution to a problem, the City Council and the Mayor need to deliver on that solution.

  • Will Moore: 

San Diego has everything we need to become a true Arts and Culture center.  Our Arts & Culture institutions are already an enormous resource for our residents and a huge draw for people around the country and world.


Our city’s economy depends on the valuable tourism dollars which they generate.  According to a 2017 study by Americans for the Arts, the Arts & Culture sector generates $1.1 billion to our region in economic activity per year. In 2012 the Mayor and City Council unanimously passed the “Penny for the Arts” blueprint which set a target of using 9.5% of the Transit Occupancy Tax on the arts by 2019. Unfortunately we have not hit that target and when in office I will make that a priority. We should not expect the Arts to beg for resources every single year.  

I look forward to working with organizations such as Arts + Culture San Diego, the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership and the San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition when in office. 

Working with the commission to ensure that access, equity and diversity remain a priority for all neighborhoods. (up to 100 words)

  • Will Moore:

Art is, at root, communicating the vast depth and breadth of our human experiences. It simply does not make sense without equity. I am fully committed to equity in all aspects of city governance including the arts.


I look forward to working with the city’s Commission for the Arts to achieve that goal. I strongly support the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion assessment. And I will take a personal interest to ensure that our arts programs supported by the city truly reflect the greatness within all of our people.

  • Joe LaCava:

Social Equity is one of my citywide priorities. I am excited for the Coalition’s Equity Initiative. Accountability will be a watch word for me in working with all city boards and commissions. We should celebrate things we do well and have candid discussions when we fall short. 

I am committed to work with the council offices in Districts 4, 8, and 9 and partner with them to support funding and policies related to their communities. All San Diegans should enjoy the opportunities that our city offers, arts and culture included.

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